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Our logo, the lotus flower is known to overcome its surroundings and circumstances and have a fascinating will to live, reblooming every morning with a refusal to accept defeat. Our name represents how water has the ability to wash away, cause renewal and growth and to move you from one place to another. Likewise, we believe people have the same resilience, ability to transform, heal and change.

We can be reached at 734-794-3777 or our contact form when you’re ready to move forward.

Listen to our Radio NY interview with counselor Sheila Burns:


With passion and commitment our mission is to provide collaborative support to help people recover, heal and transform, realizing their full potential.

We are all capable of growth and change.  At Refreshing Waters Counseling & Consulting we offer the best researched, innovative, evidence-based interventions available.  Through the therapeutic process you can learn coping strategies that will improve self-care and enhance interpersonal relationships.   You can become the person you want to be, living the life you hoped for.

Refreshing Waters Counseling & Consulting strives to support people of all identities, age, race, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, mental ability, physical ability, national origin, religious beliefs, spirituality, size, socio-economic status, world view and political perspective.  We offer a confidential, professional environment that respects each person’s unique dignity and worth.


We are resilient beings who possess unique internal strengths that can be cultivated to overcome challenges and promote personal healing and growth.

Refreshing Waters Counseling & Consulting respects and honors each person.  Our practice believes that people are capable of leading meaningful and fulfilling lives by developing their attributes and ultimately enhancing their experiences with family, friends and community.


To equip people with the necessary tools to reach their potential living well-balanced lives with positive relationships.

Refreshing Waters Counseling & Consulting strives to cultivate an optimized environment where people will be motivated to make personal changes.  We prompt people to dig deeper, reach further and find personal fulfillment.  Living in emotional health allows you to positively influence the people around you and make our world a better place.