Refreshing Waters is committed to providing the highest quality care as well as outstanding service concerning insurance and patient billing.

We will assist with communications between you and your insurance company.

Our team is available to assist you with all your financial aspects of care.

For Billing & Insurance Questions: 734-794-3777

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


We accept all insurance plans.  Here is a list of plans we are contracted with (Insert hyperlink)

Patients are responsible for any expenses not covered by insurance.

Refreshing Waters will bill for Secondary insurance policies we are contracted with.

Be prepared to make payment at the time of service for co-pays and non-covered services if your insurance company requires a co-pay or out-of-pocket expense.

Communicate with your insurance company to understand your benefits, coverage, limitations and procedures.

Please notify us as soon as you know you will be having a change of insurance or change in the status of your insurance. If any sessions are not covered by your insurance due to lapse in coverage or change to a policy we don’t accept, the client will be responsible for any balance that accrues.

Using Insurance

Please note that while we do verify insurance as a courtesy, we do not guarantee the information we receive is accurate, so patients are responsible for any fees that the insurance company designates as the patient’s responsibility once claims are processed.

Billing & Payments

All patients are responsible for balances due on their accounts, and payment is due upon receipt of the bill.

The billing statement will include all expenses not paid by insurance and a due date.

All professional charges will be on a single billing statement.

We accept credit card, cash, and check payments. We require a credit card authorization on file for credit card payments. Cards will be charged for any balanced owed or you can provide an alternative payment. If you have a balance and are finding it hard to make a full payment, ask us about a payment plan.

We are happy to work out a payment plan with any client who is committed to continue therapy. Our policy is that all payment plans need approval from the therapist, business, and client. If we can come to an agreement on a manageable amount to pay down a balance while also not accruing more of a balance we are happy to do so in order to avoid disruption of services. This does not apply to No-show and late cancellation fees. An example of a payment plan is if you get an unexpected balance of $500 after insurance comes back, and you have a $20 copay, you would continue to pay your $20 copay at the time of service and pay an additional $10/visit towards your balance. This way your balance is only going to get smaller.

If you use insurance, any amount designated as a “patient responsibility” which include copays, deductibles, or co-insurances, are due at the time of service. If you are a private pay client, the session fee is due at the time of service. If you accrue a balance due to late cancellation/no-show fees, or insurance returns with an unexpected balance designated as the patient responsibility, payment is due at the next date of service to avoid disruption of services.

We do not share your information with anyone unless you have a signed release on file. If the client is 18 we can’t release appointment info to a 3rd party, even if it is mom or dad, or husband or wife, without consent to do so.

We require 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment to avoid an $120 late cancellation/no-show fee that will be billed directly to the client as insurance does not pay for sessions not attended by clients.