Hello, my name is Sheila Burns and I am the owner of Refreshing Waters Counseling & Consulting,
an Ann Arbor counseling agency established in 2017. We are dedicated to serving our community
and Michiganders across the state. My passion is to implement Evidence Based Practices to help
clients reach the best possible life outcomes. The company works hard to create an environment
that supports our clients and empowers them to recover and make lasting positive changes. Our
community voted us the “Best Counseling Practice in Ann Arbor” for the past five years in a row! We
hold a 4.6 google review and are positively regarded by professional referral sources.

Refreshing Waters Counseling & Consulting has been unable to meet the growing requests for
services and is looking for like-minded, talented individuals to contractually join our team and help
meet the demand of our wait list. This role is collaborative in nature and does not require you to work
solely with Refreshing Waters. You are also free to work from whatever location you have found
comfortable for you. We also do not require you to work solely for RWCC.

This position offers the ability to work via telehealth or in person and offers a highly competitive fee
split of 70%. We manage all credentialing and billing and receive top tier rates with paneled
insurance companies.

Please feel free to check us out on the following sites:

  • Website at RWCC@Refreshing-Waters.com
  • Instagram page at refreshingh2os
  • Google page
  • Facebook page
  • Physical site 180 Little Lake Dr. Ste 4 Ann Arbor MI 48103
  • GlassDoor Profile
  • Psychology Today
  • LinkedIn

I would like to have the opportunity to tell you more about the role and for you to develop a deeper
understanding of our company’s objectives. On our end, we want to understand your professional
experiences and career goals. If you are interested, please send your resume and letter of interest to


Sheila Burns