I’ve been coming here for a few months after searching over a year to find a good therapist. I am a
social worker myself so I was very choosy about the modalities and services offered. I am SO glad I
landed here, Sheila is wonderful. She challenges me in sessions but provides such a supportive and
safe environment. I finally feel like I have someone I can trust to confide in and she truly listens to
my perspective. I recommend Refreshing Waters every time I can. I feel lighter each time I go.


Above & beyond my expectations
Refreshing Waters consistently goes above and beyond my expectations. In fact, they’ve provided
services that I never knew I wanted or needed. It’s a progressive practice that offers excellent
counseling (as we all expect) as well as professionalism and convenience in their service delivery.
With a variety of communication methods, they help me schedule appointments online, by text or
email. When I couldn’t come in for face-to-face meeting, they offered a secured and legal (HIPAA
compliant) video conference option. When I changed insurance companies, they took it (because
they take just about every company). By making annual goals and setting milestones with me, I can
see the progress that I think, and feel, that I’m making. I highly recommend Refreshing Waters.


Sheila Burns helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life, and I am very thankful to her!! I
have learned about myself and how to better cope with stresses and outside influences on my time
and energy. My visits with her keep me grounded!! I would highly recommend!


Sheila is an amazing counselor. Not enough words to describe the positive experience and peace of
mind that I walked walked away with! She also has the best puppy dog EVER!!


I started doing EMDR here with Sheila about 1-2 months ago and have found it to be incredibly
helpful. I was on a waitlist for awhile but ended up getting a phone call a few months later when
there was availability. Overall, very grateful I’m here and for the guidance and help I’ve received.


Sheila & Reno are AMAZING. This is the best place I’ve ever been to for therapy. I had no hope after
losing my mom almost 3 years ago and she’s helped me so much in this process. I can confidently
say that I still have a purpose on this earth without my mom. EMDR has been so helpful and it was
my first time even trying that here and in general.